Future-proofing Cryptoart: Curse NFT

Because we’re in the business of creating value, the Curse NFT story did not end at auction. In a way, that was just the beginning. As of today, Curse NFT is upgraded. 

Accursed Share continues to set precedents—in this case, the next step in dynamic NFT architecture, future-proofing, and enhanced security—by providing innovations that raise the standard for smart contracts and align it with the ethos of our coming NFT innovation platform, where these features will come stock. 

While Curse NFT remains an intangible historical artifact, its upgrade includes important advances in NFT technology beyond what Chainlink could provide at the time of its creation. Specifically, our new smart contract allows an NFT to update its visuals from a data feed coming from any standard API: from oracles and Etherscan to Google Maps. 

The new technology baked into Curse NFT makes it gas-free and blockchain agnostic (compatible with chain bridges we’re developing through the platform), permitting fully decentralised phase changes that will continue to update at no cost until the end of the Internet. As a bonus, it also includes metadata mapped on OpenSea that was not available in its previous version. 

This upgrade was approved by the owner of Curse NFT, and will help ensure its sustained value and historical significance well beyond what most other NFT architecture could promise. 

“Upgradeability” is itself a feature of our new smart contract, which makes it future-proof. To upgrade contracts of this type while maintaining hyper-decentralization, we have implemented a multi-sig requirement that ensures the NFT owner has control over whether or not their NFT receives future technology upgrades.

All these advancements in smart contract technology combine to become what will now be known as Accursed Share’s Infinity Contract. And just like that, a new chapter in cryptoart begins.

A more technical breakdown of the revolutionary innovations that place the new Curse NFT among the most sophisticated smart contracts in cryptoart to date will follow soon.