Frederic AuerbacH To Donate to Farm2People 

Frederic Auerbach’s collaboration with Accursed Share continues to give. 

Part of the proceeds from Captured Moment: The Master’s Process will be donated to Farm2People, an LA-based non-profit working to create equity in the food supply chain by supporting local farmers and food-insecure communities through regeneratively grown produce.

Auerbach is well-acquainted with the work of Farm2People, which he describes as “necessary and revolutionary” in its networked approach.  

Farm2People pays small and mid-sized farmers for their harvests, covers transportation costs and donates all collected food to historically underserved populations across LA County.

To accomplish this, Farm2People leverages emerging technologies, deep learning and IoT to reengineer the food supply chain at a time of unprecedented market, demographic, health and climate instability, with an advanced directive to support vulnerable communities on the growing and receiving side of each action. 

You can learn more about Farm2People here.The first drop of Captured Moment: The Master’s Process will be taking place on Tuesday, December 7. For more details on the project, please read this post.