ABOUT Accursed Share

What We Do

Accursed Share is a production studio that leverages emerging smart contract technology to push the boundaries of what is possible in cryptoart.

In addition to producing narrative-driven cryptoart pieces and installations, we are in the early stages of developing a platform that will unlock the creative potential of smart contracts for millions of digital artists, allowing them to make multifaceted dynamic NFTs without needing a developer.

Current cryptoart platforms use NFT technology for two main purposes: to display art, and to transfer ownership.

Accursed Share goes further by inviting artists to create new artforms through the technological innovation of NFT smart contracts. We help artists leverage the value mechanisms these enable, including the manipulation of scarcity, access, locking and unlocking, and the creation and destruction of the art itself.

$ACC Coin 

Along with platform development, we are in the process of researching and planning a new tokenomic model centered on incentivizing the production of meaningful art. This model integrates the strengths of utility tokens, staking concepts and direct patronage, layered on a distribution model that ensures the coevolution of innovative art productions and next-gen creative tools.

Our Collaborators

We are currently curating partnerships with established and emergent artists who are breaking ground in the NFT space. Apply here.
We operate as a gallery and auction house for unique artworks designed to function with blockchain technology.
Art Promotion + Benefits
  • The ability to produce novel forms of cryptoart;
  • Custom landing pages, gallery, interview and extra features for each individual launch;
  • Full social marketing campaigns for auction hype;
  • Additional $ACC coins for every exclusive coordinated drop;
  • 10% residuals on art resale.
What Do We Ask of Artists?
  • Copromotion of first NFT drop by the artist, with a seven month frame for Accursed Share to execute the drop, OR
  • copromotion of a unique NFT production exclusive to the platform’s smart contracts.
  • Access to their artwork for display.

Check out our Press Kit here.