Accursed Share operates as a gallery and auction house for unique artworks designed to function with blockchain technology. 

We are currently curating partnerships with established and emergent artists who are breaking ground in the NFT space and looking to produce something completely cutting edge.

We are especially excited to work with artists in AR, generative media, and other emerging mediums. We also favor conceptual projects.


Art Promotion + Benefits

Artists that choose to collaborate with Accursed Share will receive wide-ranging support in their endeavors, including:

  • The ability to produce new forms of cryptoart (including development support);
  • Custom landing pages, gallery, interview and extra features for each individual launch;
  • Complete social marketing campaigns for auction hype, including high level publications;
  • Fully funded production of select artistic endeavors;
  • Residuals on art resale.


Please answer a few short questions to help us determine if there is project alignment. We will follow up on every submitted application.

If you don’t have a defined concept yet, please let us know what inspiration you’re drawing from.