This FAQ will be addressing questions about the Curse Auction Tickets: their nature, their utility and their scope. 

It will also cover questions about the Curse NFT Auction and the imminent dynamic NFT platform, among others.



Exclusivity and Benefits

There are 1,000 Curse Auction Tickets in total. 

Every Curse Auction Ticket is a collectible piece of NFT art. 

There are three variations of the Curse Auction Ticket art, each of a different rarity: 700 Standard Tickets, 250 Uncommon Tickets, and 50 Rare Tickets. Tickets of greater rarity will afford a higher degree of access to the platform we’re building, in addition to future benefits we’ve yet to announce.

Each Curse Auction Ticket is limited and deflationary. You may purchase one on the secondary market here.

As specified on our webpage, the Curse Auction Tickets grant unique membership benefits, including:

i) participation in the private auction of Curse NFT;

ii) exclusive access to a private Discord group for Accursed Shareholders (as the Discord and community grow, there will always be exclusive channels and additional community benefits for Curse Auction Ticket holders);

iii) first opportunity to purchase presale collectible auction tickets for Accursed Share releases, often at an exclusive discount; 

iv) exclusive previews and early access to forthcoming Accursed Share NFT exhibitions and events; and, most importantly,

v) first access to our groundbreaking dynamic NFT platform, ensuring the ticket holder has unique power over the creation of cutting-edge dynamic NFTs (link announcement). 

While the Curse Auction tickets are not all-access passes, they will provide the stated benefits in perpetuity. 

As detailed above, a Curse Auction Ticket has many valuable features, but only it will allow direct access to the Curse NFT Auction. 

We advise that, instead of thinking of them primarily as auction tickets, you consider these first NFT tickets as VIP passes that enable access to community, early drops, free surprise drops, discounts, events and future ticket presales, and most importantly minting. 

Qualities of Tickets

  • Are the tickets deflationary?

    Yes, they are burnable and there are high incentives to burn them.

  • What are the differences between the Standard and Uncommon Tickets?

    They have different art, a different rarity and will provide different levels of access to the Accursed Share platform.

  • Do these tickets give access to future presales, or just the one tomorrow?

    The Curse Tickets will give access to future presales.

  • Will the ticket I have now always be valuable?

    Yes, as it has benefits and features that are immutable, ensuring that, as Accursed Share grows, so will the market and cultural value of our genesis NFT tickets.

Quantities of Tickets

  • Do you need two tickets to eventually access the platform?

    No, you will only need one ticket, to burn.

  • If I only have one ticket, can I only attend this auction? Or just access the platform?

    You can do both. Attending the auction does not require burning the ticket.

  • Will you be making more tickets?

    Any future tickets we release, for discrete projects and auctions, will be completely different to those for the Curse Auction. They will categorically not devalue the first tickets. To the contrary! The Curse Tickets are a unique set of collectibles, our first, and they will gain in value and prestige over time. By that same token, future events and auctions will likely include NFTs that function as tickets, but each project will have a different relationship to the ticket mechanism, making each project and set of NFTs a completely distinct capsule collection. 


  • So how and when is a ticket burned?

    You will burn a ticket to gain access to our dynamic NFT platform. When you do so, you will get another NFT of the same rarity in return, that forever indicates your patronage of Accursed Share.

    More details on how this will function and what it will be, will be released closer to the platform’s launch. You can be sure that all ticket holders who burn will get something very special in return.

  • Can you sell a ticket once it has been burned?

    Once your ticket is burned, you will receive another NFT with similar features. You will be able to sell this new NFT, but it will not offer access to the platform any longer.


  • If you don’t have much liquid capital, do you have a chance to buy the 1/1?

    It is unlikely, as we have a number of art collectors we expect will be making large bids.

  • Is this group exclusive to only the first 1000 ticket holders?

    We want to attract the best and most creative minds in the space, so restricting the community to the highest bidders is not in line with our values.This is precisely why we will always find ways to ensure unique value for the initial ticket holders.

  • If we are getting access to the auction of a 1/1 for the first event, only one person will benefit from it, most likely a whale. What am I missing?

    This is a ticket to a unique, high-end, fine art auction. In addition to allowing someone to participate in this auction, there are many other benefits to being a ticket holder, as described above.

    To let only the highest bidders enter this community would be anti-art, and against our platform’s vision. A random, exclusive pumped ticket with no community benefits would be a cash grab. Exclusive rewards for the first 1000 patrons is guaranteed, but there will be various mechanisms for participation. In so doing, we’re acknowledging the space’s augmenting complexity and diversity. 


  • What is being auctioned?

    We are auctioning a new and authorised 4K 3D-image of Krystall Schott executed by Protagon, the visual effects wizards for Marvel, Industrial Light and Magic, etc. The aforesaid image integrates Chainlink Keeper technology to respond to the changing price of ETH. 

  • When does the auction begin?

    The auction began on Friday, August 27, at 5:00 PM CST. Given the excitement the Accursed Share project and platform are generating, and the quality coverage we would like to share with you within the next fortnight, we will be implementing a “deep auction” mechanism that extends until Monday, September 13, at 5:00 PM CST. 

  • Why a “deep auction”?

    The Accursed Share / Curse NFT campaign is just kicking off, with a lot of coverage happening within the next fortnight. This format will be necessary for real price discovery that reflects on the project and art’s exceptional quality and concept to unfold.  

  • How do we see/access the auction?

    The auction is being held on our website, here.

  • Will there only be one NFT in the first auction? Will 1000 people be bidding on the first NFT?

    Yes, the Curse NFT is a 1/1. 

  • Will we need to use gas to submit a bid?

    Nope, and the auction winner will not pay the gas fee.


  • What will this next generation platform have that’s special?

    It will allow artists to create dynamic NFTs without the need for a developer by integrating Chainlink oracles. The initial platform will enable artists to create dynamic NFTs that are similar in function to our flagship, #CurseNFT, which responds to the changes in price in ETH. Other templates will be progressively incorporated to the functionality of the platform, providing artists with unprecedented access to an extraordinary toolkit. 

  • Will I be able to mint multiple projects on the platform or just one?

    This will ultimately depend on how large the project is and how many tickets you have. More details will be released closer to the platform’s release.

  • How long will early access last?
    About three months, with a lot of early prep and onboarding for genesis ticket holders.

    There will be no other way for the public to gain access during this time, during which we will be conducting creative and technical experiments, and have projects being developed on the platform.

  • When does this platform actually go live?

    We’re aiming for the end of December.


  • Does this project have a roadmap?

    It does. It is currently internal, as we are modifying and reworking it with the help of our experienced advisors. We will release a public one soon, on our website.

  • Is Accursed Share going to create a DAO?

    Yes, that’s a mid term goal. There are different fronts of progress for Accursed Share, one of which is as a traditional corp with access to venture capital.

    Another front is the DAO we will develop around the open source tools we release, as a starting point for governance exploration.


  • Why isn’t the OpenSea collection for the tickets properly updated?

    We’re waiting on OpenSea to get back to us and not only unlock, but verify, the ticket collection.

  • Will our ticket art be updated on the OpenSea collection?

    Yes, it will be.

  • Should we spam them to get them to react/respond?

    By all means. The sooner we can get OpenSea to update and verify our collection, the  sooner we all win. 


  • Can we have a website with easier-to-understand wording for new people?

    We are constantly updating our website for ease of use.

    On a long enough timeline, we will have complete conceptual onboarding (videos, tutorials, etc), community greeters, and other assurances that everyone knows exactly what they’re getting involved in but, as with any new project, that will take time, patience, and constructive feedback.


  • What is the value of the Accursed Share Discord?

    The Accursed Share Discord aims to be a place for the best minds in the space to gather and create together. We see it as the place to start to build a distinct culture and values that inform all of our undertakings, and ensure the intellectual satisfaction and prosperity of all our members.

  • Does what happens in the Discord stay in the Discord?

    Yes, please. 


  • I’m not super rich. Will I still be able to buy art here?

    Absolutely. While our 1/1s will always be high-end, our projects are designed to offer unique artistic experiences at different scales and with varying levels of accessibility. This is in addition to the art that will be produced on the platform once it launches.

    If you are not a whale or a creator, you will still be receiving early access to extremely high-quality NFT drops derived from top-tier artist collaborations, which can include a wide variety of different setups.

    You will also be able to curate art and control access. Please be aware that you are currently seeing the work of only three team members, but we’re growing and will add a lot, lot more value to your tickets as we do so. 

We will continue to update this page and version it as new information is available and decisions are made.