The Curse NFT Auction Has Ended


The Curse NFT auction will take place on this page. While anyone may make an offer during the auction, only offers made by ticket holders will be considered (the ticket must be in the same ETH wallet that is making the bid).

We will confirm the highest qualified bid every 8 hours, live on the site. Selling your last ticket disqualifies your bid.

We will be implementing a “deep auction” mechanism that extends until Monday, September 13. 

If a bid is made in the last 5 minutes, we will extend the auction 5 minutes, until no one makes a high bid in a 5 minute window.

Update: Tickets are SOLD OUT
You may purchase one on the secondary market here.

You will need to install the Ethereum wallet Metamask for desktop. You will not be able to mint a ticket on mobile.

Only 900 tickets will be available for mint, so you better show up early with enough ETH in your wallet, and mint as soon as the tickets go on sale! Otherwise, you’ll have to get one on the secondary market.

Each of the 1,000 NFT tickets is a limited edition collectible ERC721 NFT which, in addition to offering the variety of community benefits mentioned above, ensures a high degree of future utility.

The Curse is broken once a collector purchases Curse NFT, because its acquisition is not merely a transference of ownership, but one of power. The sale of the NFT will have Krystall rewarded in perpetuity for her faceless years, and restore her authorship over her narrative.

While there will only be one Curse NFT Auction, we will be hosting all sorts of other auctions and NFT drops. Curse ticketholders will have special early access privileges.


There are 1,000 tickets in total. Every ticket is a collectible piece of NFT art. There are three variations of the ticket art, each of a different rarity: 700 Standard Tickets, 250 Uncommon Tickets, and 50 Rare Tickets. Each ticket is limited and deflationary. You may purchase one on the secondary market here.

These tickets will grant unique membership benefits, including:

i) participation in the private auction of Curse NFT;

ii) exclusive access to a private Discord group for Accursed Shareholders;

iii) first opportunity to purchase discounted presale collectible auction tickets for Accursed Share releases; 

iv) exclusive previews/access to forthcoming Accursed Share NFT exhibitions and events; and, most importantly,

v) first access to our groundbreaking dynamic NFT platform. 



As a gift to the NFT community, Accursed Share will be allocating funds from the ongoing #CurseNFT ticket sale to build a streamlined and accessible web3 application. 

This platform will be optimized for artists to mint dynamic NFTs similar in function to our flagship #Curse NFT, using Chainlink’s Keepers technology. This will be the first time any artist is readily able to create a unique, dynamic NFT that is truly decentralized without needing a developer.

The platform’s long term objective is to provide powerful and open tools that can bridge the gap between artists and developers, in order to jumpstart a new era of accessible NFT innovation. As we launch more unique NFT projects, we will integrate that additional functionality into the platform.

Ticket holders will be able to burn their tickets in exchange for early access to this platform.

Ticket Price

Ticket Rarities

Standard Ticket:
700 total

Play Video

Uncommon Ticket:
250 total

Play Video

Rare Ticket:
50 total

Play Video


Accursed Share’s debut project, Curse NFT, introduces Krystall Schott, the uncredited #1 search for ‘face’ on Google. Without her knowledge, a backstage photo of her at New York Fashion Week 2016 took on a life of its own, and her face has since been used and abused to the benefit of nobody but Condé Nast. Because of its algorithmic nature, Krystall’s curse could not be lifted before NFTs. Now, it can only be lifted through one. 

With the assistance of Protagon, the visual effects wizards for Marvel, Accursed Share is minting a new, 4K 3D-image of Krystall that responds to the changing price of Ethereum and is traceable to her through Chainlink’s cutting-edge Keeper oracle technology. As a unique work of art that can only be experienced and executed on the blockchain, Curse NFT will not just transfer ownership over an image, but have Krystall reclaim authorship over her narrative. The purchase of the 1/1 NFT will lift her curse by turning it into a blessing that rewards her in perpetuity. 

The coming wave of NFTs will push the boundaries of storytelling, cooperation and smart contract technology, thus expanding and refining what cryptoart can be. With this first statement piece, Accursed Share embraces NFTs as the artistic medium of our age, and delivers on the promise of cryptoart with real-world ramifications. 

Technical Details

Curse NFT is a unique NFT, of which there will only ever be one minting (1/1). It is an unprecedented, interactive work of art that will restore non-fungibility to the most intimate intangible: a human face. 

Curse NFT will have five different presentations. When the price of ETH goes up for 1 and 2 days in a row, the NFT will display positive 3D renderings. When the price of ETH decreases for 1 and 2 days in a row, the displays will be negative. Finally, when the price of ETH hits 20K, Krystall’s face will be displayed in its full blessed form.

Curse NFT will use Chainlink’s revolutionary oracle technology to create the first dynamic NFT to evolve in response to the daily price of Ethereum.

There’s more to Curse NFT than meets the eye.
Read the full story here.

Krystall Schott

(The Cursed Face)

Krystall’s cursed image, 2016.

Krystall hails from Agoura Hills, CA, where she spent her childhood hanging out with horses. Her grandmother taught her how to hold a paintbrush when she was a few years old. By the time she was in high school, she realized she didn’t know how to communicate with people as well as with animals, so she dove into the electric social scene of New York City after a family friend suggested she become a model. This was where her fateful cursed picture was taken. 

Krystall is a self-taught multiinstrumentalist and painter. In 2019, she formed the band USE (Untitled Social Experiment) with Dan Smith. 

Follow Krystall on Twitter and Instagram @krystallschott. 

In Collaboration with


Model: Krystall Schott

Producers: Mónica Belevan / John Thomas Connor / Charles Curran / Krystall Schott / Brian Adler

Executive Producer: Brian Adler

Visual Effects and 3D Scanning: PROTAGON 

Photography: Pat Bombard

Hair: Tyeler Perfect

Make-up: Christina Lee Adams

Music: Barrett Avner 

Engineers: The DeFi Network

Curse NFT is an Accursed Share production, in association with PROTAGON.



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