Accursed Share is Closing


Dear Accursed Shareholders,

I am sad to announce that Accursed Share is no longer a maintained project. We Started AS as an exploration of art and technology innovation, with a focus on deep narrative and conceptual nuance. While we have been working to deliver on that vision over the past year, we have ultimately been unable to deliver consistently on the technology side. This, in addition to the unstable and unpredictable crypto-art market, is ultimately why we are closing shop.

Some of the core contributors to Accursed Share have shifted over to working exclusively on NFT tech through, as we work with a new development team that aims to:

1. Create the most user-friendly and powerful NFT creation experience possible.

2. Bridge engagement functionality from web2 to web3, through Dynamic NFTs.

In order to do our best to deliver value to Curse NFT ticket holders, we will be providing early + free access to our upcoming minting platform, Faktura (which will soon have a new name to represent NFTs beyond the art space).

We are about 80% complete with the platform functionality, and hope to provide a demo this fall. We will share more information on this as we are able to.

Headless DAO is a concept we put a lot of effort and planning into, and we aim to deliver on an equivalent through Faktura. However, we do not currently have the capacity to work on it, nor can we provide a timeline. If we are able to launch a DAO designed to facilitate NFT innovation, Accursed Shareholders will be the first whitelisted for voting rights.

With this last announcement, we are closing down the Discord. Any follow-up questions, suggestions, or thoughts can be sent to [email protected]

We thank you all for participating in this project. I hope you all continue to have brave adventures into the NFT space. We’ve had some amazing conversations and connections here, and are grateful to you all.

-The Accursed Share Team