Captured Moment:
The Master’s Process

Accursed Share is proud to present Captured Moment: The Master’s Process, the first NFT collection by photographer-to-the-stars Frederic Auerbach. The collection will consist of two NFT drops of process and master photos of five A-listers. Our first highlight: Zendaya.  

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Over the next weeks, Auerbach will take us through the process of how to frame and capture the charisma, character and star-power of his subjects through an intimate guided tour of his practice. 

Five videos, featuring process and master photos of five A-listers, will articulate Auerbach’s thoughts and memories on how to summon the ineffable.   

The first film in the series, Authenticity, features triple-threat Zendaya almost a decade prior to her atmospheric turn in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune (2021).


In 2013, a 17 year old Zendaya was completing her tenure in the Disney kid-com Shake It Up, releasing her first album, and about to become the youngest contestant to participate in Dancing with the Starswhere she would finish as a runner-upup until then. This was, in short, the year in which the mononym Zendaya finally became a household name. 

Auerbach’s photoshoot for Flaunt is a precise testament to that moment. He is alert to the fact that he is capturing not just a likeness but a resonance, and this is reflected in a photo set that shows a rising star already fully poised for superstardom. Appropriately, the framing of the session is carnivalesque, focusing not on precedent but on the strength of the actress’s presence. Against the banged-up backdrop of a bombed-out basement, Zendaya sports a headdress of black peacock feathers with the effortlessness of a seasoned headliner.    

The master photo came to Auerbach as an epiphany, with such clarity that he was able to communicateand shoot itin the dark. 

The authenticity in the Zendaya series is not only found in the subject, with her signature admixture of freshness and sophistication. It is coded in the silent and complicit rapport between her and the photographer, and so it is also the object, and objective, of the pictures. 

Technical Specs

Captured Moment: The Master’s Process will consist of two NFT drops: one for Process photos, that reveal the delicate behind-the-scenes construction that goes into bringing forth a Master Work; and one for 1/1s of the aforesaid Master Works. 

The Process series will include: 

  • Six process pictures of each star, 30 unique images in total
  • A total of 1,700 NFTs available for mint
  • Each process piece will have a different rarity, with the rarest image of each celebrity limited to 5 NFTs each

Each Process series NFT will cost 0.05 eth to mint.
Holding a photo from the Process series will allow you to join Auerbach’s upcoming NFT photography Discord (focused on the hottest conversations in NFT photography and style), and allow collectors to bid on the Master Works. 
This series will 

Each Master series set will include: 

  1. A dynamic NFT highlighting different aspects of the Master Work, by displaying varying edits of the master image at different times of day
  2. The high-res digital photo NFT of the Master Work (one Master Work per featured star)
  3. A high-res and autographed print of each Master Work (framing is optional for an additional cost)
  4. A unique video NFT of the behind-the-scenes interview explaining the Master Work

The minimum bid for each Master series will be 3 eth.
There will be a separate auction for each set and the auctions will begin on December 17th.

One Master Work buyer will win a private photoshoot with Frederic Auerbach, valued at over $12,000, in his Los Angeles studio. 

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The first 1,000 unique addresses submitted will receive a special drop from the Auerbach collection for free. The top 100 referrers will receive a more exclusive NFT with special features.