Accursed Share’s First NFT Artdrop, Exclusive for Ticket Holders

On Sunday, September 12, at 5:00 PM CST, Accursed Share will be rewarding some of its genesis ticketholders with a first surprise artdrop! 

(Un)Ma(s)king the Curse is a very rare and beautiful proof-of-work NFT loop of four of the five presentations of the 1/1, in dazzling 4K by PROTAGON, the visual effects geniuses for Marvel. 

This is one of three NFTs Accursed Share is releasing in co-production with this legendary studio (the other two being our 1/1, and our Rare Ticket).

To be eligible, you must be in possession of a ticket for our #CurseNFT auction, which can be purchased on the secondary market here.

This artdrop will grant every ticket holder 1 NFT per ticket they hold. 1,000 in total.

Please note that (Un)Making the Curse is NOT a ticket in the Curse suite, but an  exclusive gift we look forward to bestowing on our Accursed Shareholders.




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