Curse NFT

The Music of Curse NFT

Among the many artistic disciplines Curse NFT seamlessly integrates—film, 3D photography, conceptual art, performance, the digital and the literary—it is easy to understate the role that music has played in the project. Curse NFT is so iconic that, if seen whilst scrolling through a Twitter timeline, one might assume the image is static—and silent.

Accursed Share’s First NFT Artdrop, Exclusive for Ticket Holders

On Sunday, September 12, at 5:00 PM CST, Accursed Share will be rewarding some of its genesis ticketholders with a first surprise artdrop!

(Un)Ma(s)king the Curse is a very rare and beautiful proof-of-work NFT loop of four of the five presentations of the 1/1, in dazzling 4K.

PROTAGON and the Making of Curse NFT

With the assistance of Protagon, the visual effects wizards for Marvel, Accursed Share is minting a new, hyperrealistic 3D image of Krystall that responds to the changing price of Ethereum and is traceable to her through Chainlink’s cutting-edge Keeper oracle technology.

The Curse NFT Powered by Chainlink’s Keeper Network is Now Live on Ethereum

We plan to continue making it easier for artists of all levels to generate NFT art by using Chainlink to automate data-driven updates to their appearance and distribute potential rewards. Ultimately, this will test the boundaries of storytelling, value, and smart contract technology as they converge in a new artform.