Stefano Canto, Sotto l’influenza del Fiume. Sedimento (2018),  Matèria, Rome.

It is with the greatest pleasure that Accursed Share announces its imminent collaborations with Matèria Gallery, in Rome, and its new and innovative Web3 iteration, Mat3ria. In an association that will span both the physical and traditional artworlds and the peculiar Kunstwollen of cryptoart, Accursed Share and Matèria / Mat3eria address how to connect, accept and extend the possibilities and invitations of each medium to the benefit of their total encounter. 



Galeria Matèria and Mario Cresci


Based in the neighborhood of San Lorenzo in Rome, Matèria opened its doors to the public in 2015, under the guidance of Niccolò Fano, a graduate from the University for the Creative Arts with a Masters degree in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins and a Creative Ventures MBA scholarship from the London Business School. His teaching experience in the UK extends to Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London and the UCA in Farnham. Mr. Fano is currently Program Director at the Rome Institute of Photography (ISFCI) and has taught as visiting lecturer for Officine Fotografiche Roma, Rome University of Fine Arts, IED and Luiss Business School.

His gallery offers an exhibition programme that touches upon every aspect of contemporary art, with a special emphasis on photography as a medium. Since its founding, Matèria’s purpose has been to further and develop the work of its select cadre of artists, including standouts such as Fabio Barile, Stefano Canto, Xiaoyi Chen, Mario Cresci, Giuseppe De Mattia, Marta Mancini, Giulia Marchi, Eduardo Fonseca e Silva and Francisca Valador. 

In the six years since its inception, Matèria’s programme has featured four exhibitions per calendar year; each conceived and produced directly with its artists, and frequently in conversation with the space through site-sensitive approaches. The shows put forth by Matèria have striven to promote research and experimentation through artistic practice, with the results of this method often being showcased in a growing list of prestigious Italian and international art fairs. 

The latest of these has been the 10th edition of artgèneve (March 3-6 of 2022), focusing on Mario Cresci’s work. As one of Italy’s most venerable living photographers, Mr. Cresci’s foray into the blockchain will mark one of Accursed Share’s primary collaborations with Matèria, as an event of irrefutable artistic and archival significance.


Mario Cresci, Cronistorie. (1970). Matèria, Rome.

Mat3ria, and Priscilla Pallante


As part of Matèria’s inquiry into Web3 comes Mat3ria, an on-chain art department built to explore the possibilities afforded by the dialogue between contemporary art, culture and blockchain technology. 

Operating against the grain of a traditional gallery, Mat3ria is centered around fostering a conversation between technology and cultural production; where a community of artists, developers, graphic designers and collectors are connected by an on-chain architecture designed to provide entirely new dynamics to the fundraising, development, experience and support of contemporary art.

Mat3ria’s interest lies in the construction of a vibrant programme of releases curated to accelerate the evolution of a new medium and the growing possibilities found at the intersection of artistic practice and Web3. By leveraging dedicated exhibitions in its physical space in Rome, and by employing customized smart-contract technology, Mat3ria’s mission is to partake in the layout of an operational blueprint for a future in which the physical and the digital are seamlessly integrated and, what’s more important, rendered as one by the proof of ownership blockchain technology allows. 

Mat3ria aims to attain this objective by championing a carefully curated selection of pioneering artists native to the digital space, alongside others who, like Mr. Cresci, have developed a powerful craft in the traditional art world. Through partnerships with leading on-chain art platforms like Accursed Share, Mat3eria looks forward to creating a space for artists to reimagine cultural production and ownership models by experimenting openly with the technology at their disposal.

The first of these emerging talents that Mat3ria, and Accursed Share,  will collaborate with is Priscilla Pallante, a young artist who is pushing photography past conventional bounds and into uncharted territory in the NFT space. Mixing psychogeography with cymatic imaging techniques, she has mapped nine iconic Roman sites through audio recordings to present them as they’ve not been seen—but perhaps only, sometimes, felt—before.