Accursed Share and Mat3ria, Matèria gallery’s Web3 laboratory, are proud to present Augmented Rome, a project by Ms. Priscilla Pallante, an emerging artist who is pushing photography past conventional bounds and into uncharted territory in the NFT space. Mixing psychogeography with cymatic imaging techniques, Pallante has mapped nine iconic Roman sites through audio recordings to present them as they’ve not been seen—but only, perhaps, felt—before. 


Priscilla Pallante: Augmented Rome is a collection of NFT artworks offering an intricate, complex portrait of the Eternal City captured through sonic resonances. A native of Rome herself, Pallante deploys novel photographic techniques to reimagine its landscape anew by materialising sound waves recorded at famed urban landmarks like the Fori Imperiali, the ancient sites and connecting road that runs between Piazza Venezia and the Colosseum. For this project, which she began in 2018, Pallante collected feedback of voices and noises while walking through the city, from the Castel Sant’Angelo to the basilica of San Pietro, visualising their frequencies to generate a ‘parallel vision and version of Rome.’


Technologies such as 3D mapping and cymatic geometries enable Pallante to, in her words, ‘give shape to the sonic weight that I perceived in my city but that I could not see.’

Building on her scientific and artistic inquiry into acoustic physics, Pallante’s cymatic images reflect the fluid dualities of Rome’s identity, probing the public and the private, the abstract and the real, objectivity and illusion. Moving between aural and pictorial registers, in Augmented Rome the city is ‘simplified in form and amplified in perception,’ so that the ‘invisible becomes matter and then representation.’ Through Pallante’s unique renderings, viewers are invited to immerse themselves in Rome’s audiovisual architecture, to encounter, as in one example, ‘the beauty of a recorded voice that is transmitted inside the Pantheon and bounces off the circular walls, wrapping around you.’


Priscilla Pallante. Cymatic image from Fori Imperiali video. Matèria, Rome.


Artist Biography


Priscilla Pallante (Italian, b. 1992) is a photographer and visual artist living and working in Rome. She received her Bachelor’s degree with honours in photography at the European Institute of Design in Rome (2016). Pallante researches the relationship between photography and new technologies by seeking out new strategies for representing that which evades representation: virtually, photographically, and otherwise. Pallante uses the paradoxes of photography to produce illusions of reality. Working with photography in a quasi-documentary tradition, she records what is not, or not yet, visible in the physical world. 


With a focus on process, Pallante follows an idea through its evolution into an object, as its dimensionality is transformed through interactions with new scientific tools so that a photographic trick eventually becomes a truth. Investigating relations between photography and other disciplines, Pallante  brings her craft beyond the material and conceptual parameters of the photograph itself, an imperative actualised in Augmented Rome and well-suited to the dynamic possibilities of crypto and blockchain-based artwork.