Accursed Share

Augmented Rome: Conceptual Pillars

As the first NFT collection produced in an exclusive partnership between Accursed Share and Mat3ria, Rome, Priscilla Pallante’s Augmented Rome engages with two exciting artistic and philosophical techniques: cymatic imaging technology and psychogeography.

That Invisible Mass: Niccolo Fano interviews Priscilla Pallante about Augmented Rome

To illuminate the conceptual and artistic themes of Priscilla Pallante’s new NFT collection with Accursed Share, Augmented Rome, we present an updated and expanded version of a conversation between Pallante and Niccolò Fano of Mat3ria first held in 2019. Fano and Pallante discuss the early life and evolution of the Augmented Rome project, as it moves into the Web3 space.

Priscilla Pallante’s Augmented Rome: Fori Imperiali, Pantheon, and Santa Maria Maggiore

This marks the third and final entry in our series of posts contextualising the nine sites and histories that Priscilla Pallante pictures in her NFT project, Augmented Rome. Spanning 3d maps, 3d souvenir models, and cymatic audiovisual ‘slices’, Augmented Rome offers a new view of a city ancient and eternal. Here, we explore Fori Imperiali, Pantheon, and Santa Maria Maggiore.

Introducing Priscilla Pallante: Augmented Rome

Accursed Share and Mat3ria, Matèria gallery’s Web3 laboratory, are proud to present Augmented Rome, a project by Ms. Priscilla Pallante, an emerging artist who is pushing photography past conventional bounds and into uncharted territory in the NFT space.