Accursed Share

Intimacies and Entanglements: From Mushrooms to Worldbuilding

At first glance, Entangled Life: Worldbuilders appears like a straightforward NFT series, adapting an assortment of mushroom photographs and animations, the field recordings of an esteemed biologist. The project is, in fact, a work of conceptual art more complex than the sum of its parts, bound to expand in scope and accrue in value as it takes digital root.

Exclusive Krista Kim NFT Airdrop

Exclusively for holders of the Process Series, Accursed Share has designed a dynamic NFT of one of Auerbach’s photos of Kim, which changes colour every 6 hours. The NFT is animated in collaboration with Accursed Share’s artist-in-residence and Brand Director, Filipe Oto Medeiros. Dropping Thursday, February 3rd.

Entangled Life: Worldbuilders

Accursed Share and Wilmore Academy are proud to announce their collaboration on Algorand’s carbon-negative blockchain with Merlin Sheldrake, bestselling author of “Entangled Life: How Fungi Make our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape our Futures” (2020), and winner of this year’s Royal Society Science Book Prize. Entangled Life explores the ways that fungi – and their remarkable symbiotic relationships – have profoundly shaped the history of life, and provide a key to understanding the planet on which we live.

Inspiration: Natalie Portman

Inspiration, the fifth and last film in the Auerbach series, recalls a demanding 2013 commercial photoshoot for Dior with Natalie Portman.

It was the busiest set-up in this series, with a correspondingly large team on the client’s and the model’s side. In this far from intimate and tightly managed setting, the assignment was to manifest spontaneity. Alas, the catch with inspiration is it can be practiced, but not faked.

Timelessness: Sharon Stone

Timelessness, the fourth film in the Auerbach series, is a meditation on the bewitchment of timespace by Sharon Stone.

One should not think of Stone as just a sex symbol: every generation has its slew of vamps, most of which leave no dent in memory. Most of the smokeshows will age into air, but the femme fatale lingers.


Frederic Auerbach To Donate to Farm2People 

Part of the proceeds from Captured Moment: The Master’s Process will be donated to Farm2People, an LA-based non-profit working to create equity in the food supply chain by supporting local farmers and food-insecure communities through regeneratively grown produce.

Efficiency: Mike Tyson

The third film in the Auerbach series is Efficiency, the only video in the series dedicated to an athlete, not an actor. The sports’ star in question is none other than Mike Tyson, whom Auerbach photographed in 2020 for Haute Living, a luxury bimonthly publication.

Two great modern masculine archetypes of force and flow—the boxer and the jazzman—take pride of place in the American imaginary. Among the former, Tyson remains an undisputed titan: a heavyweight of heavyweights, with a life suitably bedecked in triumph, sacrifice and controversy. As with jazz, the Empyrean of boxing admits no easy heroes—nor does it want them. These are men the way gods dreamt them; men with terribilità.

Adaptation: Benedict Cumberbatch

The second film in the Auerbach series is Adaptation, centered around one of the most prominent male stars of the 2000s, Benedict Cumberbatch.

These photos were taken for GQ UK in 2014, when Cumberbatch was in the heat of his fame, coming off Season 3 of the acclaimed BBC adaptation of Sherlock. He was in Boston, filming Scott Cooper’s Black Mass—the Whitey Bulger crime drama with Johnny Depp—so expectations were great, time was of the essence, and timing—as ever—eternal.

Authenticity: Zendaya

The first film in the series, Authenticity, features triple-threat Zendaya almost a decade prior to her atmospheric turn in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune (2021).

The authenticity in the Zendaya series is not only found in the subject, with her signature admixture of freshness and sophistication. It is coded in the silent and complicit rapport between her and the photographer, and so it is also the object, and objective, of the pictures.