Announcing Frederic Auerbach’s Master Series Auction 

Accursed Share is proud to present the second chapter of Captured Moment: The Master’s Process, the first NFT collection by photographer-to-the-stars Frederic Auerbach. The collection consists of  NFT drops of process and master photos (1/1s) of five A-listers, plus airdrops. The stars in this collection are Benedict Cumberbatch, Natalie Portman, Sharon Stone, Mike Tyson and Zendaya. The airdrops include names like those of digital artist Krista Kim, Young Hollywood it-girls Jena Malone and Phoebe Tonkin, and a special 1/1 of Mike Tyson. 

The Process Series, which will close before the Master Series auction starts at 6PM PST on Thursday, February 17, revealed the delicate behind-the-scenes construction required to produce a Master work. The auction is of the five Master photos that resulted from these individual processes: each the crowning star of every featured photoshoot. Bidding will be open on our webpage until Thursday, February 24, 11:59pm PST.  

For the Master Series, each celebrity —Zendaya for Flaunt; Cumberbatch for GQ; Tyson for Haute Living; Stone for Madame Figaro and Portman for Dior— will have their own NFT set, including: 

i) the high-res digital photo NFT of the Master (one per star); 

ii) a dynamic NFT highlighting different aspects of the Master photo by displaying various edits of the image; 

iii) a high-res and autographed print of the Master photo (one per star), and 

iv) a 1/1 video NFT of the behind-the-scenes interview detailing Auerbach’s creative approach each shoot (one per star), from Process to Master. 

The five 1/1 dynamic NFTs have been done by Frederic Auerbach with the collaboration of Accursed Share’s artist-in-residence and Brand Director Filipe Oto Medeiros. They reintroduce the element of process into the Master photo by exploring different editions of each. From the subtle to the striking, these hint at the enormous range of options and decision-making that goes into settling when a work is done. 

Whether it be through sequencing, curation or edition —or all of the above— photography is a dynamic art form, something Auerbach has used his debut cryptoart collection to explore on every level. He has used some of the world’s most recognizable faces to lay bare the fundamental intrigue of a process that is as technical as it is intuitive. This is the torch that is being passed on, there where NFT art and photography meet.

Auerbach’s Process

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